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Belly massage

Energy circulation

The belly massage known as Chi Nei Tsang is an ancestral technique that comes from ancient Taoist China.
Etymologically, "Chi" means energy and "Nei Tsang" internal organs.
It is an abdominal massage for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
The belly is considered our second brain. The latter contains no less than 100 million neurons!
The theory is that if they are not expressed, recognized or even "digested", the emotions we feel such as fear, stress or even anger are stored in our digestive system in the form of tensions which, in the long term , will trigger physical symptoms such as pain and illness.
Certain depressive states could be associated with poor intestinal assimilation.
This is where the Chi Nei Tsang comes in to help relieve these tensions.
Belly massage is recommended for abdominal tension, recurrent fatigue, heartburn, back pain, restless sleep, menstrual pain, sexual disorders and respiratory problems. 

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