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Abhyanga ayurvedic massage

Body balance

This massage comes from Ayurveda, Sanskrit "Ayur" (life) and "Veda" (science) which dates back over 4000 years and is considered a sacred medicine in India.

"Abhyanga" means "oil massage of the whole body". Its purpose is to harmonize, revitalize and better diffuse the "Prana" (energy) in the body while rebalancing the energy centers. It is a very relaxing massage with hot or warm oil and sometimes mixed with Ayurvedic plants.

Through circular and sliding pressures, friction, acupressures but also stretching, the abhyanga massage brings relaxation and harmony in the body, thanks in particular to its moderate and fluid rhythm. Slow movements make it possible to identify the places of tension, while rapid mouvements release them. Thus, the same ways is performed first at a slow pace, then quickly, lightly and rhythmically

The whole body is massaged slowly with movements made of pressure on energetic points, kneading, smoothing, gentle stretching, friction, tapping and percussion. No part of the body is forgotten, from the scalp to the feet, passing by the fingers of the hand and the palms, areas where many tensions accumulate.

Its benefits: calms the mind, eliminates fatigue, tension, impurities from the body. Improves circulation. Acts on the nervous system. Promotes good quality sleep.

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